• Quick, Smart, Error-free Cheques

    Using this cheque printing software you can print a smart printed cheque within no time. Further you dont have to write down the cheques every time with utmost care to avoid any errors. This Cheque printing software helps in printing cheques which is error free i.e. no spelling mistakes, no writing mistakes and many more mistakes are eliminated.

  • Use normal Cheques for printing

    For using this cheque printing software you dont have to use different kind of cheques. The same physical cheques issued to you by your banker are good enough for printing the cheques.

  • No smudges, No overwriting

    You will realize after using this cheque printing software that your efficiency of writing cheques goes to another level as there is no chance of your cheque to get smudges and since it is an error free cheque there is no overwriting also which has a serious consequences these days.

  • Compatible to most printers

    For printing the cheques using this Cheque printing software you dont need to buy any special printer for writing cheque. Your same printer that prints A4 size paper will be good enough to print the cheques efficiently. This cheque printing software is compatible to most of the printers available in the market. The software has been printing cheques with great efficiency in almost every Laserjet and Inkjet printers.

  • Hassle Free – Error Free – Saves Time

    The unique feature of this cheque printing software lies in printing cheques in a lot or batch within no time. You make an excel sheet from your accounting package which has the details the payees along with the amount that has to be paid to them and the same excel sheet can be used to start printing cheques for them. This will save a lot of time and will improve the efficiency of the company as well.


  • Supports multiple Account Holders & Banks

    This cheque printing software does not have any limitation on the Bank accounts you can create. Your company(s) may be having multiple bank accounts or multiple accounts within the same bank; you can enter the information of all the accounts in this software.

  • Professionally printed cheques – enhances image

    The Cheques printed from this software has a professional look and will definitely improve the image of your company.

  • Bulk Printing – EMI, Batch, Excel Import

    Using this Cheque printing software you can print multiple cheques quickly. This multiple cheque record can be excel format or the readymade batch that you have created in the software that is used multiple times or if you want to print EMI cheques on monthly basis, using all these format you print cheques.

  • Web import of ready to use cheque formats

    For printing the cheques you need to design your cheque such that all the printing components like Payee Name, Amount etc prints in the exact location in the cheque. To make things easy we have made a web library from where the pre designed cheques can be imported.

  • Manual cheques, Post-dated cheques

    ChequeMan is a reliable and flexible cheque printing software, which apart from printing smart looking cheques, also provides a comprehensive cheque book management and keeps records for all issued Cheques. It has provisions to keep the records of manual cheques, post-dated cheques as well as cancelled cheques.

  • Printing of incomplete cheques

    Using this cheque printing software you can print an incomplete cheque (i.e. where some of the printing component is to be left blank). This useful in situations like issuing a cheque to a vendor where exact amount is unknown or the Payee Name is not known or the date to be entered in the cheque is not confirmed. These incomplete cheques can be printed and then can be updated again.

  • Information on issued cheques at fingertips

    ChequeMan is complete Cheque Printing & Management software. It provides a comprehensive Cheque Book management and also has the convenience of managing all account holders at a single point. You can take the print all the information stored and in multiple ways possible to view the information recorded in the software.

  • Managing all cheques from a single point

    Using a single ChequeMan you will be able to manage multiple companies/account holders/cheque books etc. Further, it would provide you the convenience of comparing the accounts as well.

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